Wildlife is disappearing at an alarming rate for all sorts of reasons. By enhancing and improving the wildlife sites we have and with better management can maintain the present levels and hopefully increase some species. Our stated aim is to make Honiton a green and pleasant land where all living things are valued and connected for nature and well-being. Honiton has been affected by Ash-die-back we have planted 5 trees we hope to plant more as areas are identified.

The ecological crisis has been highlighted in many ways it is not just climate change that is having devastating effects on our wildlife and countryside. I believe, Humans have to take responsibility and TAKE ACTION to reverse what is happening.

41% of insect species face extinction “The loss of their habitats and overuse of pesticides are two major reasons why insect are dying out eight times faster than large mammals”.

So much depends on insects it is imperative we reverse this decline. Insects being near the bottom of the food chain will affect everything higher up the food chain.

We need to TAKE ACTION NOW! How? A network of corridors of nature – rich land covering at least 30% of the UK must become a legal requirement embedded in all UK laws.

We want 1 in 4 of the population to TAKE ACTION FOR NATURE – It is achievable a few communities are achieving and surpassing this target. We need our towns and villages to become green havens. Wildlife needs to move freely through rural and urban areas with as few barriers as possible.