Honiton Community Action Group ‘Green Corridor’

We have six areas we are now maintaining in Honiton with plans to take on more, as more volunteers join us. The aim is to create many wildlife habitat ‘stop-overs’ through out the town.


The ten nest boxes at the Beehive have had several visits from prospectors this year. Swift boxes will be going up at the Catholic Church tower, over the winter and early Spring, we hope to have them in place before the swifts return from Africa next May.

More swift boxes will be installed over the Autumn and Winter. If any individual, group or business would like to adopt a swift box the cost is £12.00 You will get notification where your box is and details of birds nesting. Any other donations can be made to support the work carried out by Honiton Community Action Group through the contact us page.

Hedgehog numbers have decreased by 30% in the last 10 years. mapping your sightings, and creating a hedgehog friendly garden. Can we make Devon the most hedgehog friendly county? Hedgehogs usually hibernate between November and mid-March, they can sometimes be seen moving nesting sites during this period. If you see a hedgehog during the day-time it is probably in trouble and needs to be taken to a rescue centre. Reports so far received for the Spring 2023 are again worryingly down on last year. We must act now to save Britain’s favorite animal by volunteering to create Hedgehog friendly highways.

St. Michaels Churchyard

After more surveying work we will be adding part of this churchyard to our ‘Honiton Green Corridor’ and the Devon Green Living Churchyard project. This will become another mini-nature reserve for wildlife, and a tranquil area for public and visitors to spend time for their well-being. We are now in need of a strimmer or non-electrical mower so we can open up the main path through our site.

We are continually on the lookout for donations and funding to support our efforts. Volunteers give up their time free but everything else costs money. Please consider volunteering with us or donating to buy us a swift box, plants or tools.

Get in Touch

Please contact us with your ideas or suggestions or if you would like to volunteer or donate to Honiton Community Action Group.